How to sell feet pics on snapchat

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If you have cute feet or even nice looking feet, then you could be standing on a fortune… literally. In fact, people are using these same strategies to acquire hundreds of new customers and generate thousands each year selling feet pictures.

But there are many other reasons why people would want to purchase feet pics. Feet pictures are used by marketers and digital publishers to illustrate products. Podiatric physicians feet doctors use feet pictures when describing medical conditions. Not to mention, modeling agencies are always on the lookout for new talent. And selling feet pics can be lucrative. Where to sell feet pics America? The point is that money can be made.

I spent over 30 hours conducting research to bring you the most comprehensive article on how to sell feet pictures. Instagram is primarily a photo-sharing application and a social media platform. How to sell feet pics on snapchat platform allows people to edit and photos. When you create yourchoose the business. Your business allows you to have Instagram Shopping. With Instagram Shopping, you can tag your images to enable your followers to go to a sales where they can purchase your feet pics.

The way it works is that the follower will see your feet images in their feed. When they tap on the content, they will see a tag they can click. This tag will take your potential customers to your product on your website. Search for other people selling feet pictures so you can target their followers and potential customers. Start with the result at the top because search auto features suggest the most popular based on your search request.

Select the top that is selling. Once you are on the profile, click on their followers. If they are recently active, follow them and send them a message letting them know you also sell feet pics. Make sure you put in your message your website and address so they can contact you.

Remember, always collect addresses and send them to your site. You can continue to retarget them in the future. Facebook is the largest social media network in the world, with over 2. Selling feet pics is a business and you better start thinking about it that wayso create a business.

A business gives you access to analytical data that can help get more customers. So, make sure you fill out your necessary business information, so people know you are legit. Ensure your website name and address and clearly visible so customers can contact you. Once everything is filled out, start posting content — photos, videos, or status updates.

New and fresh content on your will make it more enticing to potential customers checking out your. You could create a Facebook group. But the problem I see with a group is that it facilitates discussion between members. Your goal is to have conversations with them and to get them to buy more pics not talk about other places they can buy feet pics. Go to other feet pic sellers s, or their groups and start messaging their members. To groups, you should probably create a fake profile.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

Different feet pic sellers may not want competitors ing their groups and for a good reason. In your messages, direct potential customers to like your and to visit your website. If they want to communicate, they can do so via. You can provide more information on pricing and collect their addresses. Remember, continue to build your list at every opportunity. Twitter is primarily a communication platform used to keep tabs on people through updated statuses. This means that there is a good chance that customers you attract from Twitter could have deep pockets.

The way you can use Twitter to grow your feet pic selling a business is by increasing your followers. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, Twitter is not a visual platform. Your Twitter strategy should be centered around the content you create, publish, and distribute to engage your followers.

Any content you create should be focused on attracting new followers, encouraging potential customers, and growing your brand. This will increase the chances your post will be circulated and seen by potential customers. Follow other feet pic sellers and take note of their active followers, who are probably paying customers. Most of the activity can be seen in the comments on their posts. Take the time to follow and send these commenters a message to make it known that you also sell feet pics. Once they contact you, close the sale. Move the conversation to to capture their contact info and retarget for more purchases in the future.

Snapchat is a photo and video-sharing social media platform that focuses on short video messages. Users of Snap are generally younger, but the demographic is quickly expanding to older and male audiences.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

Great news for you because men are the most frequent buyers of feet pics. A premium Snap is just a private where you can grant paying customers access. Inside your privateyou can show all different types of feet pics and feet videos. Now managing subscriptions can be a pain.

The best way to manage your subscribers is to get a management service to do all this for you. FanCentro is a great platform to use for this. The downside to having a private Snap is that no one can find you. You can use your public to funnel potential customers to your premium. The best way to do this is to attract visitors by frequently posting on Snap. Find competitors and see who is commenting on their pics and message them.

Look at your competitor followers and let them know of your premium. Once you get someone interested, get their address and close the sale. Craigslist is an online classified ad website that connects buyers and sellers in more than communities. With more than 10 million visitors coming to the site each day, Craigslist is one of the most powerful marketplaces online to sell your feet pics.

Even if you want to be a craigslist foot model. When creating your ad, use the direct approach. Instead, are displayed by the date first, then keyword, which is why the text of your ad is important.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

But images are just as important, so make sure the pictures you put in your are just as enticing as the description. Look at from other people selling feet pics for ideas in creating your own.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

Include your link and address to capture their contact information. The community element of Craigslist can set you apart from your competition. Craigslist does more than post .

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

The platform has forums where people ask questions and to how to sell feet pics on snapchat information. Craigslist forums get more traffic than their ad s. Use Craigslist forums to engage with sellers and potential buyers. The more times customers see, you only increase the chances of them buying from you. TikTok is a social media platform that specializes in short-form video sharing. The app allows users to create, edit, and share second videos with filters, music, and special effects. With more than million active users worldwide, TikTok can be an enormous opportunity for you to advertise your feet pics.

Once you create youryou can create short, entertaining videos advertising your feet. The more engaging and entertaining your videos will increase the of views and potential customers. When potential customers see you are selling feet pics, they will click on your profile. Place your website and address on your profile. Make sure you make clear to you or visit your website for details on feet pics.

From there, you can further discuss your feet pic price packages along with a link to your cash transfer app for payment. FeetFinder is probably one of the best online marketplaces for selling your feet pictures. This is because FeetFinder puts the customer first, including their safety. This makes selling your feet pictures on the internet safer.

FeetFinder has also taken steps to safeguard your money. The platform is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry PCI security council standards, so all payments are secure. Getting started is easy. Once your is verified and approved, you, as the seller, can start ing feet pictures. All content is automatically blurred until a buyer makes a purchase. Buyers can either purchase pre-ed feet pictures or make a special request for a custom photo.

As the seller, you have the option to accept or reject any offers to buy your feet pictures. If you decide to accept, the buyer will be billed and you, as the seller, will be paid. Many sellers make hundreds of dollars selling feet pictures. However, as a new seller, you will need to be patient while you build your customer base. FeetFinder takes a portion of all sales as a fee for using their platform, which goes towards web security, to attract more Buyers, and adding new features to help you make sales.

Payouts occur weekly each Friday. S ell custom feet pics with FeetFinder. DollarFeet is a feet picture marketplace similar to the ones we already mentioned. Their application process takes 24 hours, and you can start soon after.

Once you are approved, DollarFeet will send you instructions on how to your feet pics and videos. What makes DollarFeet different is that they buy feet pics directly from you. This is different from FeetFinderwhere you have to create a profile to have other people pay you for feet pics.

Etsy is an online marketplace where you can buy and sell unique and creative goods. Most of the items sold are arts, crafts, jewelry, candies, and a variety of housewares.

How to sell feet pics on snapchat

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