Im a hotwife

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in. April 30, I spend a lot of time talking about being a Hotwife who is living in the world of reality, so I get a lot of wanting to know how a Hotwife who lives in the world of reality goes about Hotwife dating in real life.

Im a hotwife

I have said many times there is not one right way to be a Hotwife who dates outside her marriage. Especially when she is dating outside her marriage for the benefits it provides to her marriage which is probably not all Hotwives, but should be. The way I do it which I have already explained in Posts is the Mr. But the way I do it does not work for every woman.

I live in an urban environment that is a business center with several upscale downtown hotels. I put myself in a situation to meet business travelers who are looking for local married women they believe might be able to be talked into consensual casual sex. For some reason most all men believe it is easier to soil a married woman than a single woman.

I would try and explain that to you but.

Im a hotwife

That works for me because men are generally disposed to think I am a cheating wife looking for a little excitement. When men already think that, the only thing they really care about is that we are sharing the same space at the same time and maybe I will. When they are right, and I will, its super simple to get hooked up because the men do all the work, and if I am willing to go up to his room, I never have to say yes. Is that the only way I do it?

Of course not. I do it the same way. Sometimes they just want something regular or occasional.

Im a hotwife

I am after all, a Cougar. My advice im a hotwife all new Hotwife candidates is not to have long term relationships, at least at first. When a woman who is like I was, married for over twenty years being for the most part, monogamous, the sudden exposure to external romance, passion, and sex, can be a little overwhelming, without having a shit ton of Intimacy with her husband first.

There are many other ways to go about dating. If you are a new Hotwife living in a rural environment and want to do it the way I do it, there is probably an Interstate highway exit close enough to where you live, that has a motel with a bar that caters to business travelers.

Drink club soda. If you are a new Hotwife that wants everyone she dates to know that her husband is in on it, or a Hotwife looking for Mr. Right, instead of Mr. Follow your own path. There is not one right way. Because he is cheating and she is not.

That shifts the risk factor heavily to his end of the ride on the see saw. More men than you might think are into soiling married women because they like the thrill of the chase even more than they like actually catching their prey. Some men really only want to exchange bodily fluids with you to put a point on the end of the chase. I have learned a whole lot more about men in the past four years than I actually care to know from both the reality side of the coin and the fantasy side of the coin.

A woman who simply tells men that she is OK with having sex with them because her husband knows about it, is at risk of her pursuer sometimes losing interest during the chase. I have learned my lesson about putting s up on my website that are not finished, like Starfollower37 for instance.

Although her Hotwife life story is current, my of her story is not. She is one of my local Tampa, FL personal friends in real life, who contacted me for Lifestyle Coaching advice through my blog and we became real life friends. One of these days I im a hotwife finish her story. So far, I have been answering these s directly with all of the same things but it will be easier if I do it the same way I do when someone asks me how to get started with Step One, instead of Step Ten. The reason for that has a lot to do with personal safety and a lot to do with the character and quality of the men who are looking there, or advertising there.

Do Not start dating banging your co-workers! There can be no positive outcome for you Mary! Do Not become the receptacle of the neighborhood sperm bank. You need to keep your personal business between you and your husband, and not any of your neighbors. This couple on Elm St. The highlight of the evening was when all of the wives got talked drunk into throwing their house keys into the deep end of the pool, at once, followed by im a hotwife of the men going randomly key diving, at once.

The guy that came up with the house key of the woman who belonged to the house key, went home with her for the night and spent the night with her in her own marital bed, watching TV together. Of the seven women, two of them became pregnant out of wedlock, two of them ended up trading spouses legally, and three ended up divorced. The point of that movie years later inis the same as dating a co-worker.

Nothing good can come of it! When a woman tells me she absolutely does NOT want to do it the way I do it, because maybe she has body image issues, self confidence issues, emotional issues, or any other issues, but yet still wants to try it, then I say go for it! He would be special guy that could ring my bell, but yet knew im a hotwife as a person, that I would date like a boyfriend.

Michael agreed to that so long as he was also married. Keep in mind that neither Michael nor I had any idea what in the hell we were agreeing to. I was only a prospective Hotwife at the time. I had zero experience. So how do we make that happen? We chose Ashley Madison. I promise you I am NOT a spokesperson for that site.

I can tell you exactly how to do that if you decide you want to take that path, but with the following disclaimer:. Michael helped me screen my s and by the time we got it narrowed down to three or four, he changed his mind and did not want me to have an FWB of my own, but by then we had this amazing Intimacy between us and I was OK doing it his way. I already had my FWB. I was married to him. He was already sleeping in my own bed back then. If you are one of Dr. Your body shape does not define you as a woman.

Your history, or your life experience, does not define you as a woman. There is the right guy out there for you, no matter what you are looking for. I can help you, if you ask me. You need to be swimming in a pond where he is fishing, or vise versa. Sound familiar? Lexi is not a real doctor. Hotwife Lifestyle blogger, lifestyle coach, and Wife Sharing advocate. Write to me at AlexisMcCall35 Yahoo. Get started. Open in app. Alexis McCall.

Im a hotwife

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Im a hotwife Im a hotwife

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