Nasty girl names

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Beauty can be found in sounds, especially names. Think someone with the name Igora? Or Pickle? How would these names sound to you? Ugly, right? But the US Census Bureau says that these names were given to real babies.

Nasty girl names

So today, MomJunction has scavenged the internet to look for some ugly girl names and ugly boy names that do not sound great. Check out the list below! Why such names were given to babies is beyond our understanding. We can only hope that parents show some mercy before selecting names for their children.

The only thing we can say about naming your child Nevaeh the opposite of Heaven is that it is kinder than calling her Hell. Nevaeh is not creative at all. It is bad, ugly and tacky. It also trended on Twitter as uglybabynames. Yes, you read it right! Olga is actually a name and means beautiful in Russian.

Nasty girl names

Just listen to the way it sounds. It really hurts our throat while saying this name. Remember the girl with a pink dress, blonde pigtails with a pink bow that would keep pushing everyone around? As a moniker, Peggy lacks feminity and grace. It makes us think of a waitress in a restaurant or someone with two peg legs. Yes, we know that it makes no sense. Yes, we know that Zuma is a name of a beach in Malibu, but is also a computer game.

Nasty girl names

Job descriptions have never worked and will never work as proper names. And what are the odds that the kid will grow into a crime fighter? Slim, right? Wondering who gave this ugly name to her child? This name probably came up during the high pre-conception conversation.

Nasty girl names

The only tragedy is that Rob Morrow could not find a better one. We just hope that his daughter likes the name Annie, as her classmates will be serenading her with it forever. Good lord! Nasty girl names pray for the poor child whose name is Time. And if someone can name their child Time, they can call them Clock as well. Just imagine what your child would respond when someone asks her name. Surtiyem or sodium? We have never heard a name this crazy before. It just sounds that the parents who named the child were low-headed, dumb and stupid. Now these are truest fans of Paris Hilton.

They named the second one Peaches Honeyblossom and the third one Pixie. She has some strange baby name madness. I can never take this name seriously in my entire life. Nobody would, I think. A parent who names her child Boomquifa should be sent to jail and we, are not kidding.

The name is ridiculous. And how is it even pronounced?

Nasty girl names

Not to mention all the horrible teasing that would come with it. Irelynn is a downright stupid and lazy name.

Nasty girl names

People must have picked it as a variation to Ireland. Sue will make an excellent name for a cat or dog, but not a girl. And sue is another term for prosecute. So without giving a second thought, pick some other name for your. And it was also on the ugly baby name list on Twitter. Le- dash-A? What kind of name of is it? Or is it an acronym? And it would probably lead to a lot of bullying too!

Bob is usually considered a short form for Roberta. We just have one thing to say about this moniker. Bertha is an outdated name and shows no chance of resurgence.

Nasty girl names

And it sounds nanny types too! This name is just a bunch of letters put together. In fact, it took me a couple of minutes to learn how to get a hand on it. Just wonder how your child will write her name in preschool or kindergarten. And we doubt if it has any real meaning. An Egyptian couple named their daughter Facebook to honor the role the social site had on the Egypt Revolution.

Well, there were plenty of other ways to acknowledge their efforts too. Combined names can never ever be a good idea. The little daughter of Katie Jordon Price will soon realize that she is no real princess. And even the extra vowels in her name would not be able to cushion the blow. Grogda sounds like a green witch or a green toad. Certainly not the best name to bestow on nasty girl names. The bearer of this name will be embarrassed as hell when she finds out the meaning of her name.

We feel you girl! Children are unique to their parents. Kaizyle is not just weird as hell, but is also confusing to pronounce. The baby selector said that her mother liked Paisley, but she thought it was too normal. So she selected a name that rhymes with Paisley. And sadly, we are not kidding. Yetzel sounds so much as pretzel. Do you know the history of this name? The name entered the mainstream during the Russian revolution and it is Lenin spelled backwards. No no no, these names are not of three different babies. It belongs to one single. The parents of nasty girl names children were the biggest fans of pop music.

They even said that they would call her by the full name all the time. The name shows the extent of how much social media has affect the lives. The parents of this baby were so much obsessed with Facebook that they decided to call her Like, after the Like feature on Facebook.

The parents of the baby thought they were going to have a baby boy and decided to name him after their old Uncle Alfred. But they had a girl and had to come up with something. So they jumbled up the word and came with Derfla. Eighmey is supposedly the creative spelling for Amy.

Seriously, why do people even come up with variations? It looks hideous. We still cannot get over Gwyneth Paltrow naming her baby Apple. The fact that the trend never caught on says enough of the name. This name is incredibly cheesy. It sounds less like a name nasty girl names more as a pink shade, you know dusty rose, brick rose, similarly tiara rose. We though Dawn was the silliest, considering that it is subjected to regional accents, but it is at least optimistic. Dawn, on the other hand, in strange and even depressing. Arthur Ashe could opt for some interesting name in this genre.

Why did she go for the generic Camera? Nikon or Canon could also be considered. As far as we know, guys, not girls, are supposed to be from Mars. Then why did Erykah Badu chose it for her girl? We think it was a very dumb decision. As if the girls did not already have enough burden that lead to the eating disorders that Frank Zappa made called her daughter Diva Thin Muffin.

Frank Zappa has a history of bad naming habits. Or maybe he wants her daughter to excel in science. Just maybe! Myleene Klass named her daughter Hero. This is what rage comics have done to the world. Some parents are actually naming their girls Derpina. The next name you might see is Derp or even Troll Face.

The poor, little kid will have to fight in the schoolyard daily. This name should just be banned. The oh-so-creative parents slapped the two names Andrew and Stephen together and came up with Standrew. Naming someone Phelony is borderline criminal. The name is apparently a variation of felony, which most of us know what it means.

Could you figure out the name yet? This one is our most favorite of all the dumb boy names. The first one to guess it correct pronunciation will get a prize. Tip- it is pronounced as Four-es-t. Some parents thought Jammy was the correct spelling of Jamie.

Nasty girl names

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